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Tamara Dehnert

Tamara Dehnert has dedicated her career to researching and evaluating policies and programs serving vulnerable populations across the United States. Her efforts focused on workforce development, post-secondary education and training, human services, social services, and youth development programs. In addition to her years of research and evaluation experience, Tamara developed relationships across the extensive Bay Area education and growth industry sector systems and strengthened partnerships with internal city divisions, and county and non-profit agencies. Supporting workforce and human services programs, Tamara built online tools connecting residents to low-cost and short-term education and training programs and community services. Tamara also coordinated grants, training cohorts, and streamlined outreach and communication procedures for a local career center, providing insight into workforce development that only first-hand experience can deliver. Tamara enjoys pilates classes, gardening, and chilling with her four cats (Squid, Eight, Blackie, and Kit Kat) and dog, Elmer.