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Diana Bricknell

Diana Rahman Bricknell is a seasoned professional in technology, telecom, and energy utilities with proven track record in engineering, field operations, program management and business development in the US and from overseas assignments in Europe and Asia. She brings large enterprise and entrepreneurial experience from PG&E, Bechtel, Yahoo, Excite@Home and numerous start-ups in Silicon Valley. Currently, Diana is the Director of Electric Transmission Operations at PG&E, where she manages projects and field activities to upgrade and maintain electric grid assets to improve safety for customers and employees, performance and overall system reliability. During her tenure at PG&E, she was Director of Cybersecurity and Director of Information Technology Business Applications. Diana started her career as an engineer at Bechtel working on large, global infrastructure projects including the Hong Kong Airport, Kuwait Oil Restoration, England-France “Chunnel” Project and Seoul-Pusan High Speed Rail, among others.  Diana is passionate about mentoring young people in science and engineering at the YMCA of San Francisco and has served on PG&E’s WSTEM Board of Advisors for 5 years to mentor women in technical and non-traditional field careers at PG&E. She is and is a senior member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE). Diana holds a BS in Electrical Engineering  from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada, graduate degrees in telecommunications and operations management and a MBA from Johnson School of Business at Cornell University.  Her greatest joy in life is spending time traveling with her husband and two children, Ryan and Isabella.