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Breeanna DeckerSan Francisco Foundation

Breeanna Decker is a 4th-generation Oakland native, having built her early career serving the communities in which she grew up.  As a Senior Initiative Officer at the San Francisco Foundation (SFF), she directs the Partnership for HOPE SFSF, a partnership between SFF and the Mayor’s Office for Housing and Community Development, to positively impact the persistent cycle of poverty that has historically displaced the Black and Indigenous communities of Bayview/Hunters Point and Sunnydale.  This work is seen through Place to Prosper, a guaranteed basic  income pilot for HOPE SF residents and our Small Grants Program, funding resident-led, community projects that uplift and create healthy communities for children and families.  Breeanna holds a B.S. in Sociology and Political Science from Santa Clara University.  She also holds a Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of San Francisco.