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Igniting Action on Affordable Housing

Developing a vibrant network of housing leaders across the Bay Area.

Affordable Housing Leadership Network

The Bay Area needs more affordable housing – and we need leaders at every level with the capacity to roll up their sleeves, work across differences, and develop solutions. A new generation of housing leaders can have a transformative impact in helping to create a more equitable and sustainable Bay Area.

The Affordable Housing Leadership Network (AHLN) brings together a cross-sector group of Bay Area housing professionals working to address the housing and houselessness crisis and help increase the production and preservation of housing in the region.

AHLN is tailored to housing professionals who are already either decision-makers in their organizations or rising leaders with the capacity to influence decision-makers, including service providers, advocates, policy makers, affordable housing developers, and more. AHLN Fellows will learn and practice leadership tools to supplement their technical skills, and develop a cross-sector network.

Participants will learn to: reflect inward to cultivate the self-awareness, self-management, and critical thinking practices necessary to exercise leadership, engage outward to cultivate the communication and inclusion practices needed to work across differences within and among groups, and to move work forward by using collaboration and influence practices and paying attention to processes and outcomes.

The Affordable Housing Network Network Fellows will:

  • Gain vital leadership skills and a Bay Area regional network, advancing their capacity to create impact and drive positive change within their organizations and across the region. 
  • Enhance their knowledge of housing challenges and solutions, and the systems in which those challenges and solutions exist, by learning from their peers within the cohort and across the housing field.

The program model includes:

  • One Regional Cohort of 24 Fellows
  • Learning Sessions: Build leadership skills in a team setting with a focus on creating a shared understanding about exercising leadership within organizations, among people, and across systems. Learning topics are applicable for immediate use in the workplace and touch upon Coro’s six leadership practices: self-awareness, critical thinking, communication, inclusion, collaboration, and influence.
  • Guest Interviews: Participants interview housing leaders and elected officials to establish relationships and understanding.
  • Group Project: Participants will apply their leadership skills in working on a group project which will require approximately 1-2 hours between sessions. The deliverable(s) will be shared during program launch.

As a result of the program, cohort members will be improve their capacity to:

  • Thoughtfully navigate complexity.
  • Include and engage multiple perspectives.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Bring people together across differences.
  • Feel equipped to collaborate and accelerate positive change wherever they are, discerning between effective management and impactful leadership.
  • Become more self-aware and able to regulate their responses.

Leadership is a practice; as such, ideal candidates do not need to have a specific title or position to apply. The Affordable Housing Leadership Network is meant for all sectors.

Ideal Coro Northern California Affordable Housing Leadership candidates:

  • Work or serve communities in the Bay Area.
  • Have preferably five years of professional experience in housing.
  • View housing as a cross-sectoral field and are willing to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders within and outside of the field.
  • Represent the broad and expansive backgrounds found in the communities they serve.
  • Have the support they need from their organizations to fully commit to participating.

2024 Session Dates

Session 1 / 2-Day Retreat: January 18-19 (Thursday-Friday), 9am to 5pm

Session 2:  January 25, 2024 (Thursday), 9am to 5pm 

Session 3: February 6, 2024 (Tuesday), 9am to 5pm 

Session 4: February 22, 2024 (Thursday), 9am to 5pm

Session 5: March 5, 2024 (Tuesday), 9am to 5pm

Session 6: March 21, 2024 (Thursday), 9am to 5pm

Session 7: April 4, 2024 (Thursday), 9am to 5pm

Session 8/Retreat 2: April 24-25, 2024 (Wednesday-Thursday), 9am to 5pm

Session 9: May 10, 2024 (Friday), 9am to 5pm 

Session 10: May 23, 2024 (Thursday), 9am to 5pm

Thanks to generous support from JPMorgan Chase Foundation, there is no tuition cost for Affordable Housing Leadership Network participants (valued at $6,250 per participant).

Enterprise Community Partners

JPMorgan Chase Foundation


Now accepting applications for the 2024 cohort. Applications are due Dec 1, 2023.

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For more information, please contact Coro’s Recruitment and Revenue Manager, Angel Lau, at


Meet our Affordable Housing Leadership Network. Cohort bios are coming soon.