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Minden BeachSenior Director, Learning & Development

Minden serves at the Sr. Director of Learning & Development at First Republic Bank. She oversees bank-wide training, leadership development, on-boarding, and professional development. Previously at PG&E, she directed leadership development, university recruitment strategy, and diversity workforce
development programs. Prior to transitioning to the business sector, Minden spent 15 years developing
and leading programs for youth and adults in various nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay

Minden is also a Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach. Her focus is on strength-based
coaching and she works with clients to build self-awareness, identify their unique leadership style, and
align their actions with personal and professional goals.

Minden has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and her
Masters of Public Administration from San Francisco State University.

Minden has a long history with Coro. She is a graduate of the Community Fellows Program (2003) and
served on the Coro training staff for several years. She was the Director of the Coro Fellows Program and
then transitioned to Sr. Director of Leadership Development responsible for developing key partnerships
with large public-sector organizations and adapting Coro’s curriculum to various audiences.

Minden lives in Pacifica with her wife and twin boys. She loves camping, dancing, and hanging out at the
beach with her family.