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Marlin JeffreysRising Sun Center for Opportunity

Marlin Jeffreys was born and raised in Richmond, CA. In 1986 Crack Cocaine spread into urban areas creating a new urban lifestyle. Marlin embraced this new urban lifestyle and in 1986 Marlin became a 14 year old Crack Dealer. Marlin is an alumni of Rising Sun Center for Opportunity and Insight Garden Program (IGP) both programs have helped him transform his life. Marlin is also a formerly incarcerated individual who has transitioned back into society. Marlin is the Program Manager for the Opportunity Build team at Rising Sun Center for Opportunity. Marlin is a social and environmental justice activist who supports Black Lives Matters, solutions to Climate Change, prison reform, education, and living wage career opportunities. This program is an educational experience that will increase my knowledge and provide me with skills that improve my ability to work within the community and deliver quality service.