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Lauran AcevedoOffice of Economic & Workforce Development, City & County of San Francisco

Lauran Acevedo is an accomplished business development manager with over 15 years of experience in the public, non-profit and private sectors establishing relationships across organizations, leading large-scale community events, and managing programs. Lauran’s background in multiple sectors has developed in her a deep reserve of knowledge to achieve business objectives through successful cross-functional collaboration and fostering innovation through strategic partnerships.  For instance, Lauran’s current role as an Employer Engagement Manager for the City and County of San Francisco has given her the opportunity to learn the workforce ecosystem and see where the business sector and the non-profit community can collaborate and partner to create job opportunities for underserved San Franciscans.  Additionally, Lauran has spent the past seven years in the public sector optimizing continuous improvements to market and message workforce partner programs to the business community and job seekers to make accessing government resources more user-friendly.