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Jacqueline Marie SmithThe Unity Council

Jacqueline Marie Smith is the Family and Community Partnerships & Home-Based Services Coordinator for The Unity Council Head Start programs. Born and raised in San Francisco, she moved to Contra Costa County during college. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies from Cal State Hayward. She aspires to create a legacy of philanthropy, and to do so with compassion, humor, and her own sense of style. Her goal is to spearhead a nonprofit organization for girls and women of color to cultivate an atmosphere of, “If I think it, I can be it.” She is a BIPOC Christian woman with a deep connection to many genres of music and a powerful connection with her family, embracing being a full-time “Super Auntie.” Her greatest achievement to date is raising her niece, who is now an attorney for the city she grew up in, and her nephew, who is in his second year of college studying to be an English teacher.

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