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George ColónSFMade

George Colón spent 17 years working in Tech at various start-ups. Starting as a Customer Service Rep., he craved more experience and responsibility. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a lead, then a supervisor, performing quality assurance, writing phone/email scripts and training manuals, eventually performing hiring & training duties, account managing, and business advising. Two and a half years ago, after much disenchantment with start-ups, George found his passion working for an Oakland non-profit, assisting the Reentry population in connecting with meaningful employment opportunities. At SFmade, George has the opportunity to influence an entire employment sector, manufacturing employers to local workforce organizations throughout the Bay Area. Through his participation in the CORO WLN program, George hopes to learn new and effective ways to communicate to employers. He also hopes to learn how to highlight local CBO’s and bring them the attention they deserve for the important work they do.