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Elizabeth DeRuffHonore Farm and Mill

Elizabeth DeRuff is the President and Founder of Honoré Farm and Mill as well as an Agricultural Chaplain with the Episcopal Church. She is a pioneer in exploring the intersection of food, land, and faith. In this capacity, she conducts research, writes, teaches, and preaches. Currently, Elizabeth grows and sources several varieties of rare heirloom wheat, which are stone-milled and available for sale from Honoré Farm and Mill. She also directs a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that provides flour to churches and home bakers and helps build the small grain economy. Her research, online classes, and recipes, are available at She has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Southern California, a M.Div. from The Episcopal Divinity School of the Pacific, and a certificate in bread baking from the San Francisco Baking Institute. Elizabeth recently baked a whole wheat sourdough loaf from grain discovered in the ruins of the Masada Fortress, which was destroyed in 74 CE.