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Eden ChanOffice of the Mayor

Eden Chan is a proud daughter of Oakland Chinatown, and has built her career upon doing good work and taking good care of people. She currently serves as the Deputy Director of Culture & Communications for the Office of the Mayor.

Prior to this, Eden spent 14 years with the GLIDE Foundation in San Francisco, building on the legacy of activist co-founders Rev. Cecil Williams and Janice Mirikitani. She was most recently GLIDE’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Special Projects, serving a key leadership role in their fundraising, events and communications strategy. Eden has also worked with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank and the Mosaic Project in Oakland.

Eden serves on the Board of the iconic Glide Memorial Church, and was the founding Board Secretary of Sol Sisters Inc, a non-profit serving under-resourced women in the Bay Area. She holds a BA in Classics from New York University.