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DeAndre Shackleford-CooperYouth Employment Partnership (YEP)

DeAndre Shackleford-Cooper has worked at Youth Employment Partnership (YEP) since 2018, starting his journey with the organization as in-school counselor serving the high school population age 14-18. After just a few months, he was approached with the opportunity to work with the young adults age 18-24 in the role of senior counselor. He then became the lead and now is the coordinator. He has previously held roles working with underserved populations at homeless shelters and children centers, but this is his first role in a primarily workforce centered environment. Being a native from San Francisco, working in Oakland has brought a new perspective to how I see the town. From competition and misunderstandings to mutual love and respect. He see himself in the youth he works with and while he is on his own path to healing and building, he just wants to do his part to help them win too. We all we got! This program will give back to DeAndre whatever he puts into it and he is looking forward to taking full advantage of whatever this program has to offer.