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Celia GarciaJob Skills Institute

Over a span of 30 years, Celia Garcia has provided strong leadership and vision to tens of thousands of participants in over 40 programs. The programs have focused on delivering custom workforce development training, bridging the gap in services available to underserved minority communities, and the needs of an aging workforce by improving job skills for Adult Learners and providing business training to Small Business Owners. She brings with her wisdom and vast experience in serving the unique needs of employers and their surrounding communities that face ongoing workforce development challenges. She has dedicated her career to establishing workplace literacy and job training programs which have delivered direct bilingual training services to generations of workers to improve the critical language skills and job skills required to improve performance on the job, identify potential career paths, and move low wage workers to qualify for and attain higher wages. She has also been instrumental in creating national partnerships with like-minded organizations dedicated to improving families’ economic conditions by promoting self-sufficiency through workforce development initiatives and by teaching financial literacy to families struggling to get ahead in establishing and stabilizing their lives in the US.