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Beli AcharyaConstruction Trades Workforce Initiative

Beli Acharya is the Founder and Executive Director of Construction Trades Workforce Initiative. As the former Workforce Development Director for the Alameda Building Trades Council, she helped strengthen pre-apprenticeship programs across the Bay Area and partnered with unions and regional organizations to expand access to skills-training programs for disadvantaged communities. Beli’s background is rooted in designing education programs, having worked as an educator in inner-city schools of Oakland, Washington, DC, and New York City over the last decade. She began her career on Wall Street helping S&P 500 businesses develop programs that sustain revenue growth. Beli graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in Business Administration and earned her Masters of Science in Education from St. John’s University. Beli hopes to gain tangible, research based leadership strategies to help her organization approach workforce systems and challenges more effectively. She is also excited to connect with and work along side a network of leaders in the workforce space.