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Increase Your Leadership Capacity

Our Leadership Labs and Workshops give individuals, teams, groups, or organizations new tools and models they can put immediately into practice.

Leadership Labs and Workshops

As we respond to COVID-19, Coro is offering virtual Leadership Labs that provide unique professional development and team building skills in this new era. 

Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Skills for Unprecedented Times.
A 6-Session Leadership Development Series.

Exercising leadership can be hard and excruciatingly lonely. Leaders are required to make difficult decisions, often while lacking a supportive, confidential, and diverse network of peers with whom they can safely brainstorm ideas. Leaders at every level need tools, frameworks, and coaching in order to lead effectively. 

In the midst of a pandemic, exercising leadership has become exponentially harder. Leaders are being asked to care for their families and their teams, make tough decisions, accept difficult fiscal tradeoffs, navigate shifting and unaligned stakeholders, and more — all while they’re also expected to provide swift answers and reassurance to their teams. This is difficult to do in the best of times, but it can feel overwhelming when the path forward is unclear and uncertain. 

This six part series virtual workshop is for 12-16 senior leaders — across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors — who are looking for a confidential space to brainstorm, tackle difficult organizational challenges, and expand their skills in responding to emerging and adaptive challenges. Each workshop will run approximately 90 minutes in length.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the difference between leadership and authority (and when to practice each).
  • Identifying organizational adaptive and technical challenges.
  • Practicing effective inquiry to diagnose the situation at hand.
  • Learning how to pace the rate of change for internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Confidential peer leadership consulting.

Participants will walk away from the series with a set of tools, frameworks, and a supportive network to strengthen their leadership skills in a time of crisis.

This virtual Leadership Lab series will begin on Tuesday, August 18 from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. and repeat weekly through September 22. Each module is offered live online, in alignment with Coro’s experiential and interactive learning model, and will run approximately 90 minutes. 

Module 1: Connecting to Purpose and the Courage to Exercise Leadership.

Module 2: Distinguishing Leadership & Authority.

Module 3: Understanding Technical vs. Adaptive Challenges.

Module 4: Diagnosing the System.

Module 5: Understanding Self as System.

Module 6: Designing Effective Interventions. 

Adaptive Leadership:

  • Understand the difference between leadership and authority (and when to practice each).
  • Identify and increase awareness of distinctions between adaptive and technical challenges.
  • Practice effective inquiry to diagnose the situation at hand.
  • Learn how to pace the rate of change for internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Increased capacity to ask open-ended questions that yield a better understanding of problems.

This six-part series is offered at the following sliding scale:

$650 for organizations with budgets above $5 million.

$550 for organizations with budgets between $2 – $5 million.

$350 for organizations with budgets below $2 million.

$250 per person for individuals attending without organizational assistance.

Here’s what prior series participants are saying:

“During a very challenging professional season the adaptive leadership cohort provided a sanctuary to process and problem solve with a remarkable group of professionals. The content was relevant and applicable and it sparked a desire to keep studying adaptive leadership practices after the final session.”

“Coro provides amazing opportunities for adult learning and network-building, while also tackling the issues that are pressing in our lives and in our world. The Adaptive Leadership course was unlike anything else I’ve been a part of and I know that my career and personal journey will be much stronger as a result. Thank you!”

“I would highly recommend the adaptive leadership course/program/series to those who are trying to make sense of changes and challenges in their organization. The virtual format was highly effective, and I’m so surprised and impressed at how much we covered and how much I synthesized from the relatively short sessions. Additionally, the cross-sector cohort was such a unique benefit. Because so much of the learning is reinforced by group conversations, I was challenged from different perspectives while simultaneously being embraced by those in distinct professions.”

Additionally, Coro offers single-session, 90-minute virtual Leadership Labs on the following topics. Contact us for more information:  

  • Introduction to Adaptive Leadership Skills for Unprecedented Times.
  • Leading Engaging and Effective Virtual Meetings.
  • Making Your Value Visible While Working Remotely.
  • Creative Problem Solving and Everyday Negotiations.


Interested applicants can apply to be a part of a unique cohort experience. Applications are due by July 24, 2020. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status via email by August 3, 2020. Visit our application form to apply.


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