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This year has tested all of us, personally and professionally, and we’ve never been more grateful for the support and resolve of the Coro community. 

I believe our current crises pose a crucial challenge — and opportunity. At the heart of this opportunity is a call for leaders everywhere to rise to the moment with a renewed dedication to inquiry, inclusivity, compassion, perseverance, and adaptability

Thanks to the support of our community, we shared these essential Coro leadership skills with more than 1,800 people this past year, at a time when so many are seeking connection, understanding, and community.  

Thanks to our team, we quickly adapted — and even expanded — our programs, delivering meaningful leadership development education online. We’re thrilled to welcome our incoming class of Coro Fellows in Public Affairs, a virtual cohort, in just a few weeks!  

Many have asked us if it’s possible “do Coro” online — and the answer is a resounding yes. Last month, a cohort of truly impressive Youth Fellows graduated from Exploring Leadership. Teens from across the Bay Area pulled together in their intensive summer program. Together, they created a group logic study and presentation about the impact of climate change and presented it to an audience of Coro alumni, learning vital lessons about collaboration, communication, research, accountability, project management, and public speaking — and building a sense of hope and purpose during a difficult time.

As always, our alums put it best. Here’s what a Youth Fellow had to say about her Coro experience: “…[In Coro] we unlearn the individualistic mentality, we unlearn the expectation that things will be fed to us, and we unlearn the notion that our only motivation is passing marks on a test. We gain trust, independence, and passion. Thanks to Coro, I feel confident that I can lead, teach, and be successful.”

This is why we’re here. And why we’ll continue to work to support leaders at every level, online and hopefully in person in the not too distant future. 

Thank you for all you do to support our mission!