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It’s no secret that one of the best parts about being a Coro alum is the incredible Coro network. Coro’s approach to leadership is all about diverse perspectives and lived experiences — and that makes for an impressive cross-sector network of professionals with a depth and breadth of experience.

When I was a Coro Fellow, I saw how the Coro network showed up. They generously volunteered their time, knowledge, and perspectives with my cohort — because Coro alums are fully invested in the future of leadership. My program wouldn’t have been as thought-provoking and transformative without the benefit of the alums who talked with us every week.

That’s why I’m so excited to share some news about the future of Coro’s network. Last month, we launched Coro Connect powered by Alumnifire, an easy-to-use networking platform that helps Coro alums from every program open doors for one another in the real world.

This is a game-changer. We now have our own place to find alums from any program who are willing to share information and support. After an alum signs up, they can create groups, post jobs, share ideas, and much more. It’s all about sharing that Coro connection.

Connection means more today than it did in 2017 when I began my fellowship. Connecting in this new era feels more purposeful — and often more powerful. That’s why I’m thrilled about Coro Connect. It’s a platform that can help our network meet this moment. Now, location and time can’t stop our alums from connecting, collaborating, and conspiring for good.

Find me on Coro Connect today, and tell me what you think the future of networking will be!