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Starting the new year, our office is full of applications!

From our new neighborhood leadership program in San Francisco, to our statewide Water Solutions Network, to the Coro Fellows program, it’s been exhilarating to have such incredible interest from so many community members, professionals, and emerging leaders. And an interest to not just sharpen their own leadership skills, but to build “horizontal networks” that push them to meet new people and make genuine connections. It seems like everyday we hear messaging that reinforces difference and division, while privately, more and more of us are actively craving collaboration and understanding. I am so proud that Coro provides a place where people can take action and actually practice working across differences. It gives us hope for the coming year and emboldens us in our work to get Coro training to more people and more communities.

We’re also thrilled to bring our Women in Leadership program back to Coro later this Spring. Please share the opportunity with your networks!



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