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For the internship component, I was placed at the California Emerging Technology Fund. This work experience exposed me to the problem of the Digital Divide and motivated me to use technology in order to better my community. This combined my passion for technology with my passion for serving my community in a way that I could not see before. This summer experience still influences me now. My current internship is evidence of this. I am currently a Digital Literacy Trainer at the Asian Branch with the goal of closing the Digital Divide patron by patron. May marks the end of this internship but also marks a new beginning. As a part of an engineering mentorship, I will be delivering a design for a tiny house in order to approach the problem of homelessness in my community. During the summer, I will be interning at Intel with the mission of designing and building a technological innovation to solve a community problem. This all stemmed from Coro; I now have a mission.

– Alston Chan, Exploring Leadership, 2016

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