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Jaime Pacheco-OrozcoCity of Los Angeles, Department on Disability

Jaime H. Pacheco-Orozco is the Assistant Executive Director of City of Los Angeles Department on Disability, overseeing the department’s day-to-day operations and budgetary, legislative, and strategic planning processes. He has been active in in the workforce development arena for two decades, previously serving as the Division Chief of the City’s Workforce Development System and the Vice-Chair of the California’s Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities (PWD). Recognizing that PWD have the right to be productive and contributing members of society, Jaime champions initiatives that address and ensure physical and programmatic accessibility of the public workforce development and educational systems. As a PWD and as father of teenage sons with disabilities, Jaime understands not only the myths and stereotypes associated with PWD but also the struggles that parents face when seeking a Fair and Appropriate Public Education for their children. Jaime earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale University and has worked in the private, public, and educational sectors.