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Donald ProbyProgram Faculty

Donald Proby has been an educator, professional mediator, facilitator, and consultant for more than 35 years. He has a long history working in higher education, leadership development, and diversity, inclusion and belonging. In addition to his work as an adjunct professor in leadership and conflict resolution at St. Mary’s College and San Francisco State University, Donald has been the lead trainer for the mediation certification program at San Francisco Community Boards Mediation Program. An expert in conflict resolution, he studies the transformative opportunities associated with leadership and conflict systems.

What inspires you to work in leadership development?

Appreciating leadership as action, I love working with co-learners to support exploration of leadership theory, practice, and ongoing skill development. Seeing others discover their capacities to effect positive change is exciting, knowing that co-learners may use these skills in all areas of their lives.

Where are we most likely to find you when you’re not at work? 

Reading, swimming, or going for a long walk.