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Diverse: Leadership Program Guiding California Farm Workers to Technology 

An excellent write-up by Diverse on the AdelanTech Program.  Read the full article here..

Bay Area Open Space Council Interviews Current Fellow, Omar Gonzales

Current CORO Fellow, Omar Gonzales, speaks with the Bay Area Open Space Council, on what he learned in the six weeks he worked on their ongoing project to develop a case for support for land conservation in the Bay Area (why should we invest in land and parks?). Read the full interview here… 

CORO in the News: The SF Chronicle Profiles AdelanTech

Carolyn Said of The San Francisco Chronicle wrote an excellent in-depth profile of the AdelanTech Leadership Program. The author quotes Martha Hernandez, an adjunct trainer with Coro, as saying, “We want to help the students become effective communicators and decision makers…When they’re faced with an opportunity to be influential — whether in their jobs or their own communities — they can relate with all kinds of people.”  Read the full article here… 

The Launch of AdelanTECH

The Monterey Herald covers the launch of AdelanTECH, a new program to teach computer and leadership skills to farmworkers and their children. A collaboration between CORO Northen California, AT&T, UFW, and Udacity, the program was started to help bridge the skills gap for students currently underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) workforce and help boost diversity in the technology sector. Read the full article here.

CORO: A Fellow’s Journey

The CORO Fellows Class of 2015 recently graduated and made a video chronicling their journey. Check it out on their blog and hear about the takeaways, challenges, and highlights of their experience. Watch more videos from CORO Northern California on our YouTube channel!

How CORO Taught me the Meaning of Citizenship

Hear from 2015 CORO Fellow Ezekiel Gorrocino Santillan about his pathway to citizenship and how his CORO experience taught him the meaning of leadership and citizenship. Read his post on the 2015 CORO Fellows blog.

How to Tackle Growing Suburban Poverty

Angela Blanchard, CEO of Neighborhood Centers and the 19th Annual CORO Leadership Luncheon speaker, shares lessons and best-practices on how to tackle poverty and build stronger communities across the nation in this article in CityLab by The Atlantic.

CORO Fellows in the News

Brendan P. Bartholemew of The Examiner wrote an article about how the 2015 CORO Fellows’ Logic Study of Daly City.  “Representatives of the Coro Fellows Program have suggested that Daly City could create a more robust tax base by creating innovation corridors including one from the Pacific Plaza, above, to Serramonte Center.”  Read the full article here. 

Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

This piece by Deborah Ancona of the Sloan School of Management examines how the style of leadership affects change among groups, rather than attributing personal traits to individual leaders. While leadership theory was previously dominated by the assumption that leaders achieved their influence through their own desirable characteristics, this article sheds light on the theory that despite the personal qualities one person may have, the style in which they lead may be a better indication of strong leadership.

Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership

Do you set an easygoing tone for your organization? This study breaks down the biology between positive behaviors and the moods of others. Shared behaviors can help unify a team and the power of creating a good mood among an organization can lead to its success. Utilizing the methods outlined in the piece, one Fortune 500 company executive increased employee retention and improved sales for her company.


What Leaders Really Do

In this article, John P. Kotter examines the difference between leadership and management. Though they are complimentary systems of action, he argues that most companies are overly managed while lacking substantive leadership. Read the full article here.

How Strategists Really Think

The Harvard Business Review explores the power of analogy and how it affects reasoning and strategic thinking. Oftentimes when faced with a new situation or problem, one may recall a similar situation we either experienced or heard about, and attempt to compare it to the current issue. This paper’s authors argue that paying attention to one’s one analogical thinking may contribute to making better strategic decisions. Read the paper here.

Teaching Smart People How to Learn

What does it mean to learn? Most people aren’t as good at it as they think, or equate learning to “problem solving,” especially in a business environment. In this article, Chris Argyis explores what it means to learn and how to teach even the smartest people how to learn and develop productive leadership.

The Necessary Art of Persuasion

This article looks at the power of persuasion and examines how it is more important to businesses now more than ever. With the rise of electronic communication, free flowing ideas, and a diverse workforce, top-down management strategy is a thing of the past. Utilizing skilled persuasion tactics may be the key to inspiring, educating and understanding the emotions of one’s audience. Read the article by Jay A. Conger here.

Your Company’s Secret Change Agents

This article takes a radical approach to seeking talent and agents of change already operating inside of a business or organization. Unlike traditional models, which utilize best practices and benchmarking, this author targets the “positive deviants” within any given company who are already outperforming and surpassing the status quo. Read the HBR article here.

  • CORO in the News

    AdelanTECH Leadership is a new program collaboration with AT&T, CORO, Udacity, and United Farm Workers, designed to help students in the rural community of Salinas, California, get web development training and leadership skills. Read more here. Read More Here.. .