Growth and Expansion

Geographic Expansion
After a decade of success in San Francisco, CORO expanded its impact by opening a center in Los Angeles in 1958. Eventually, additional centers opened in St. Louis (1972), New York (1979), and Pittsburgh (1999). What began as Fletcher and Dodge’s experiment had grown into a national program known as the CORO Fellows Program in Public Affairs.

San Francisco Programs
In addition to the full-time national Fellows Program, the San Francisco office began exploring professional fee-based services in the 1970’s. The most enduring and successful of these was the Women’s Program. Launched in 1975, the program recruited mid-career women and provided a three-month intensive adaptation of the Fellows Program. The program ran for nine years and graduated a powerful group of women, including Congresswoman Anna Eshoo.

In the 1980’s, we continued to develop our offerings including part-time programs such as City Focus and the Asian Pacific Program. Additionally, Agriculture Week was added to the CORO Fellows Program and has been a staple of that program ever since.

The 1990’s had two major developments, including the launch of the Leadership Luncheon and the Exploring Leadership high school program. Both are still a vital part of the CORO landscape in San Francisco today.